• Discover the beauty of art

    Discover the beauty of art

    Gallery 33 is a premier destination for art lovers and collectors who appreciate the beauty of contemporary art. Our gallery features a diverse collection of paintings, sculptures, and mixed-media works that are sure to captivate your imagination. Whether you are a seasoned art connoisseur or a casual admirer, we invite you to explore our gallery and experience the extraordinary.

Welcome to Gallery 33

Dive into our art world

Welcome to Gallery 33, a beacon of contemporary art nestled in the heart of Varna, Bulgaria. Our gallery is dedicated to showcasing exceptional works of art, ranging from enchanting paintings to intricate sculptures. Housed in a stunningly designed building known for its captivating doors, Gallery 33 serves as a cultural hub for art lovers and collectors alike.

Grow with us

Our gallery is a place where artists and art enthusiasts can come together to celebrate creativity and innovation. We are committed to supporting emerging artists and providing them with a platform to share their work with the world. Our exhibitions are carefully curated to offer a diverse range of artistic styles and perspectives, ensuring that there is something for everyone to enjoy.

Experience the extraordinary

Our mission is simple yet profound: to bring the best of modern art to you. We pride ourselves on offering a diverse collection of high-quality artworks that are as unique as our patrons. Whether you are looking to adorn your space with a beautiful painting or commission a custom sculpture, we are here to fulfill your artistic aspirations.

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24.05 - 02.06
Antoinette Quick and Sebastian Quick present “Equilibrium - Continuum” in the showcase - The Box at Gallery 33.
Gallery 33 is opening

Gallery 33 is opening

Friday, 12th March 2024
We are excited to announce the grand opening of Gallery 33, a new destination for contemporary art in Varna, Bulgaria.

Featured Artworks

Discover our latest collection of featured artworks, handpicked by our curators for their exceptional quality and artistic merit. From stunning paintings to captivating sculptures, each piece in our collection is a testament to the creativity and talent of the artists we represent. Explore our featured artworks and find the perfect piece to add to your collection.



Our gallery features a diverse collection of sculptures created by talented artists from around the world. From abstract forms to figurative works, each sculpture in our collection is a unique expression of creativity and craftsmanship. Explore our selection of sculptures and discover the beauty of three-dimensional art.

Custom sculptures

We also offer custom sculpture commissions. Combining modern techniques with traditional craftsmanship, our artists can create a unique sculpture that is tailored to your specifications. Whether you are looking for a statement piece for your home or a striking sculpture for your office, we can bring your vision to life.

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Today's topic: Oil Paintings

Oil painting is a painting method involving the procedure of painting with pigments with a medium of drying oil as the binder. It has been the most common technique for artistic painting on canvas, wood panel or copper for several centuries, spreading from Europe to the rest of the world.

Meet the Team

Our team of art experts is dedicated to providing you with an exceptional gallery experience. From curating exhibitions to assisting with art acquisitions, our team is here to help you explore, engage, and be inspired by the beauty of art. Meet the talented individuals who make Gallery 33 a premier destination for contemporary art.

Associate Professor Nikolay Ninov

Associate Professor Nikolay Ninov

founder, art director

Stoyan Stoyanov

Stoyan Stoyanov

founder, financial director

Dosi Dimchovski

Dosi Dimchovski

gallerist, director of social media

За нас

“Галерия 33“ е най-новата галерия в сърцето на Варна. Тя отваря врати на 3 март 2024 г. Основателите на галерията, след години опит, решават да създадат свое пространство за модерно и съвременно изкуство. Галерията се намира в централата стара част на Варна на ул. “Габрово” 2А, в прекрасна сграда от началото на миналия век.


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